How to Use Aerwyna Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Aerwyna knows that you know how to wash your hair with a bottle of shampoo! We also know that you are committing to reducing your plastic consumption to help out the beautiful ocean and its denizens. Although the concept is exactly the same, it’s going to take a minute (literally) to get comfortable using a solid shampoo bar and especially a solid conditioner bar. Here are some tips:

Bottled shampoo is 80% water. To make your shampoo bar feel like the bottled stuff, you need to add a lot of water to your hair and the shampoo bar!

To create a lush lather, rub the wet shampoo bar over your wet hair gently until it starts to lather up. You can then put the shampoo bar down and continue working the lather down to your scalp with your fingertips just like you would with liquid shampoo. The longer you massage your scalp with Aerwyna shampoo bar, the more suds you create. Add more water if you feel the need to.

There is no need to excessively rub the lather into your hair! Gently squeezing the lather down your hair is plenty. The mild surfactants Aerwyna uses in our shampoo bars acts like a magnet to attract the dirt and pull it off your strands.

Rinse well just like you would with bottled shampoo.

Aerwyna conditioner bar is actually easier to use than bottled conditioner! The conditioner bar doesn’t need to be premoistened. In fact, the drier the conditioner bar, the more intense the conditioning will be to your hair. It is uniquely customizable that way!

Gently smooth the conditioner bar only on the part of your hair that needs it! You can be a bit more aggressive rubbing the conditioner bar into your hair strands if you want a lot of conditioning. You can also simply rub your hands over the bar to collect some conditioner and run your fingers through your hair for very light conditioning. You can’t do that with bottled conditioner because what you pour is what you get! We recommend letting the conditioner sit in your hair for at least 2-3 minutes before rinsing.

And voila! Beautiful, healthy, clean hair all minus the plastic!



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