7 Reasons Haircare Bars are the Best Option for Travel

Sure we keep repeating that our Aerwyna solid shampoo bars & solid conditioner bars are perfect for travel, but the reasons why may exceed expectations. So look no further because here are the top 7 reasons why our bars are about to be your new favorite travel companion: 

1. Aerwyna solid shampoo bars & solid conditioner bars will fit into even  the smallest toiletry bags

Our shampoo bars were made to go anywhere with you so no matter where you’re headed, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve got room in your bag for these portable babies.

2. You will never have to hear the words “travel-sized” again

You’re telling me you want me to buy EXTRA products just so I can take them on a trip with me? No thank you. All of our solid shampoo bars & solid conditioner bars are already “travel-sized” so that’s one less thing on your shopping list.

3. You will slide right through the TSA checkpoint

No more last-minute panicked thoughts of “Wait… This liquid is less than 3 ounces right?!” for you!

4. Aerwyna solid shampoo bars & solid conditioner bars will never spill in your bag

We’ve all been there: you’ve just reached your destination, you open your suitcase and….. Oh no. Shampoo explosion during the flight. Goo everywhere. The WORST. Fortunately, you thought ahead and made sure to bring your solid shampoo and conditioner bars for travel to avoid this exact predicament. Go you!

5. Aerwyna solid shampoo bars & solid conditioner bars will keep your vacation hair looking fabulous

No matter what climate you’re venturing to, we’ve got you covered for great hair. Humidity? Our frizz-fighting conditioner bar will save the day. Bone-dry desert? Our bars add hydration for DAYS. Beach vacay? Our shampoo & conditioner duo add heat protection and will wash out saltwater with ease. Bonus- many of our customers swear that Aerwyna shampoo bars allow you to go more days in between washes which means more time for your R&R!

6. You won’t run out on your trip

Since our shampoo bars are designed to last several times longer than your average liquid haircare products, you’ll never have to worry about running out halfway through your holiday!

7. You won’t have to temporarily change your haircare routine

Last but not least, you get the privilege of keeping your normal day-to-day haircare routine even if you’re halfway around the world. Love that.

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