Why Aerwyna Makes the Best Solid Shampoo Bars


Aerwyna solid shampoo bars offer so many more benefits to your hair and scalp than a bottle of shampoo!  Our shampoo bar is made to be mild on the scalp and doesn’t overly strip it of its protective natural oil.  The main ingredient, sodium cocoyl isethionate, is frequently used in baby products because of its mildness.  That’s not to say it isn’t effective in cleaning adult hair because it certainly is.  The beauty of using Aerwyna solid shampoo bar is that you can customize it to make it stronger or milder to suit your own needs!  If you need it stronger, use less water, milder, add more.  You completely control the strength of your shampoo!

Another benefit of using Aerwyna solid shampoo bar is its conditioning ability.  Our shampoo bar enlivens your hair to look like it has more volume without annoying staticky strands flying all over the place.  Curls bounce beautifully and straight hair swings and sways!  People with fine hair may not feel the need to use Aerwyna conditioner bar at all because of the amount of conditioning the shampoo bar offers.  If you want gorgeous locks with lots of body and easy manageability, start with Aerwyna solid shampoo bar.  You will love the way your hair feels and looks!

While it’s important to love the way your hair looks, another reason to use Aerwyna solid shampoo bar is the benefit it has on our environment.  When you replace your watered down, non-customizable bottle with Aerwyna shampoo bar, you are personally saving ten plastic bottles from being discarded!  Even if you are super diligent about recycling, if your neighbor absent mindedly mixes up their trash cans or adds non recyclables to the mix, your good efforts will end up in the land fill just the same.  Less than 10% of plastic gets recycled and those plastic bottles will be on the Earth much longer than you will!

Finally, Aerwyna solid shampoo bars share your sense of adventure!  They travel in your carry-on luggage without needing to be declared as a liquid.  They will never pop their lids or break and soak the contents of your suitcase either.  Aerwyna solid shampoo bar has so many advantages over bottled shampoo and is so much better for your hair and scalp.  Join the movement and ditch that bottle!

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